Pyroterra Poi: LED lights of the future

Pyroterra Light Toy

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Brand Your Entertainment!

The Pyroterra are a brand new LED light technology that have just been released in North America. These ‘Lighttoys’ are ultra-bright LED technology and are unique circus juggling equipment. The largest appeal to clients is the ability to customize the animation to include corporate, sponsor logos, branding and or messaging.

Since Fire Performers Toronto have started using this new technology we have been thrilled by our audiences reactions. We can’t help but smile, as soon as we start to spin the Pyroterra Poi, faces turn in our direction and people are mesmerized by what they see. ‘How is she doing that?’ ‘What is that?’ are typical comments that we hear and we are eager to share this new technology with spectators.

By having the chance to customize each performance for our audience it allows us to bring a new thrill and excitement to each performance. It makes every spectacle unique and special for that audience and people walk away seeing something exceptional. Some of our favourite performances are at weddings, where we get the chance to customize the LED lights with the bride and grooms names. They are so excited to share this moment with their families and each other, and for us as the performers, it is thrilling to know that we were a part of that moment.

The Pyroterra Poi are the beginning of something magical, LED technology is moving so fast and at Fire Performers Toronto we are thrilled to be a part of the magic.