Toronto Fire Performers Were Rapidly Deployed for a Music Video in Leslieville

Toronto Fire Performers Were Rapidly Deployed for a Music Video in Leslieville

Let me report on a musical moment of lighthearted levity during a global pandemic. The whole affair was a spontaneous combustion that happened on Thursday 6th August 2020. Kiki and Belle treated the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto to an open air show while we helped create visual media for ourselves and our favorite violin player Dr Draw.

We are the only people not wearing masks.

The Redwood Theatre is very supportive and when filming on the premises you can supplement your own footage by using their 360 video recording equipment which is available upon request. Live streaming is also supported and was utilized that evening.

It was a moment in time.

The Fire Dancers

We didn’t even go inside the Redwood Theater

The historic theater and studios at 1300 Gerrard St @ Redwood Ave, Toronto. The inside of this building is 4500 sq ft, and it has an 18′ ceiling, high stage, washrooms, and is wheelchair accessible. It has a hardwood floor, exposed brick walls and bar in a raised seating area.

You may have seen Global TV news report and CBC Toronto Morning Show story about the Virtual Marketplace and Farmers Depot which is a lifeline to help people overcome hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Redwood is also hosting small concerts for broadcast on the new patio under graffiti covered walls on the east side of the venue. The series is called Music at a Distance and its pay what you can and you can donate to the artists online too.


Preparing the scene and fueling the fire dance accessories

Kiki fueled up the torches and got ready to burn

I use this and that and have this method of making .. the headdresses we wear burn this Tiki torch fuel and

Set up for the show required – it’s worth noting that the venue didn’t have to provide much as there were already picnic tables and chairs. They did run two AC electrical cords the area and Kiki used one to power stage lamps.

The red shirted guitar player

He was such a nice guy

Dr. Draw was born in Russia.

He moved to Canada with his family in 1992, and learned his craft busking on the streets of Toronto where he earned his stage moniker as a healer of the spirit. Impossible to ignore, Dr. Draw transformed the emotions of the people he encounters and he can brighten just about anyone’s dark moods.

Dr. Draw has been part of the Toronto cultural scene for the last 23 years, and is known as the first violinist to venture from rock and classical into electronic music culture. 

He was a Canadian heartthrob in the early 2000’s, though with ambitions and audiences reaching far beyond the borders of the city of his youth, Dr. Draw has seen much renewed success in the past four years.

Dr Draw performed all his own music
and Fire Dancers and the scenery and the audience are part of his on-0the-spot musical interpretations and improvisations

Big Show fire performers
fire performers in Toronto

Dr. Draw has always been more than a performing artist, he is just as well known for his productions and compositions, often teaming up with other uniquely talented musicians to bring out that specially crafted audio visual experiences.

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