Build a grrreat site!

Unlimited sliders, video headers, microformats, rich snippets, responsive design and more. AvantGarde gives you the tools to create a beautiful, engaging web presence.


AvantGarde lets you build websites quickly and easily.

Unlimited Sliders.

Add a slider header to any page, with unlimited images, all with our easy to use shortcode.

Our slider also uses categories, this allows you to add your images once, but use them everywhere.

Does it get any easier than this?

Video Headers.

Sometimes an images are not enough. Sometimes a video is needed.

No problem. Add a video header to any page with our easy-to-use video shortcode.

Pretty huh?

Sell Online.

AvantGarde is WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to sell your products & services online.

Simply install the WooCommerce plugin, add your products and away you go.

It’s that simple.

SEO Ready.

CSS minification, HTML compression, microformats, rich snippets and more.

AvantGarde is built from the ground up with speed, ease-of-use and search engines in mind.

Themes shipped the right way.

Our Team
  • Bella Hoops
    Bella Hoops


    Bella HoopsBella Hoops has always possessed a passion for entertaining people. Her charm, flirtatious energy and quirky humour is unforgettable. Bella Hoops has a wide variety of performing experience: from cabarets, to festivals and street shows. Visit her personal website isabellahoops.com to see her diverse talents.
  • Aubade Starlet
    Aubade Starlet


    Sam I am has been in the spotlight for the last decade as a bad ass DJ turned circus performer. A natural ear for rhythm, beats and her love for dance shows in the upbeat presence she shares on stage. Skilled in many unique fire & led props, she will zazzle~dazzle you, and make you want to get up and dance! Check out her latest DJ Sets as @aubadestarlet http://soundcloud.com/aubade-2
  • Darling Pink
    Darling Pink


    Darling Pink is known for her combining her numerous flow arts skills with her costume design talents. She works as both a professional circus performer as well as a costume designer working in film and television. She designs and makes all the costumes for her own appearances as well as that of the Spin Starlets, Crimson Fire and NorthFIRE. She uses only the highest quality of LED and fire technology available for all her props and is always evolving her style. She has a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and exciting performances in both solo and group format.
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